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Event #54 - Orc Rampage 31st January 2021
Chocolate Choice
Event #53 - Tolkien Run - Mordor 31st December 2020
Chocolate Choice
Event #52 - Tolkien Run - Shire 31st December 2020
Chocolate Choice
Event #32 - Kent 50 31st December 2020
Chocolate Choice
Event #31 - Olympic Bronze Limited Edition
Chocolate Choice

With the current Covid-19 issues going on till who knows when we all face a bit of an uncertain future as to when we can get our next SVN fix! We've been asked by a bunch of folk if they can run events virtually and the answer is now yes!

We've lots of lovely medals and a ton of chocolate and I mean a ton! So what we're going to do is have a series of virtual runs that you can earn on your own, we just need some kind of proof, be that a Garmin/Strava trace, a photo of a watch, we're going to take you on your honour basically. So how this works is...

1) You can use a race credit or enter one of the virtual runs below, at some time before the end date, you send in your evidence and we'll send you a the lovely medal and one of the bars of chocolate, I think in these troubled times that'll be a right pick me up for folk!

2) We're going to count these as "SVN Miles" so they'll count towards your lifetime SVN total to go towards elite numbers and hoodies etc.

3) We're going to allow these to count towards the Mega Marathoners achievement shirts, i.e. 12 Halves in 12 Months, 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks etc. I've had a bunch of folk who are so close to these that we don't want people to miss out on what can be a once in a lifetime achievement.

4) You can only run each event one time. The minimum distance is a mile and the longest distance we'll count is 50k. So you can't run 20 x 50 mile Cakeathons!

5) For most of the events the entry fee is £39.50. We're going to donate £10 from each entry to Charity so double the normal amount, am not quite sure what, how, where or why at this stage, but I think a bunch of organisations are really going to struggle in the coming months and we'd like to support some tiny ones if we can.

* For the SVN series the Charity Donation will be £25

6) We're going to do a big postal run every couple of weeks or so as to minimize being out and about so it may take a little time to get things out to you, but we will!

7) If you're using a race credit then please email us with your proof of run, address and chocolate choice!

8) The completion of Virtual Runs will be available at least till the end of 2021.



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