Betteshanger Lucky Dip Challenges
0830-0930 - 10th/11th April

We're back in action again at Betteshanger with a couple of Lucky Dip Challenges, we'll just sent the one email. We'll have lots of medals for you to chose from when you finish!

#1 Thing is please read, digest and adhere to the SVN Social Distanced Events information.

We'll be at the far end of the car park in the second to last parking bay - feel free to park in either that bay or the very end one, either will be just a few feet off of the shortest running line.

Start times are going to be flexible - please arrive from 0815-0900 (the park only physically opens at 0800 so please don't be early) - and then we'll start you off from 0830-0930 as and when you're ready to go.

Please remember we're cupless and won't have the usual aid station!

The course is 90% on high quality "bike path" type trail, 10% on pretty decent trail. The course should be suitable for road or trail shoes and is a nice surface to run on, though as the whole location is built on an old shale slag heap if in doubt veer away from that sparkling new virgin white pair, the first 200 yards if its wet could be quite muddy, otherwise barring any last minute deluge all should be reasonable.

Navigation is going to be simple, it's basically straight along from base camp around the lower leisure path, follow that all the way around till it goes up a hill to the upper leisure path. You then do a clockwise lap of the upper leisure path and then back down the hill again and back the way you originally came to base camp for the 4.37 mile lap. (Course Map is here) (Course photos here)

Just remember the golden rules

•  Don't be on the tarmac cycle circuit

•  Don't climb over a fence or go through a gate

•  Watch out for any cyclists or walkers who may be out on path, its not a closed circuit, but it is generally fairly quiet.

Remember this is a timed event, not a fixed distance event. If you complete at least one lap, then you are an official finisher and will receive a medal, a goody bag and an official finish in the results. If you want to complete the marathon distance, then you'll need to complete 6 loops, a half marathon would be 3 loops, an ultra will be 7 loops or more and we'll have 50k option too.

You must have left the aid station for your last lap 5:59:59 after the start although you can finish that final lap after the six hour time limit.

Finally you'll have to tell us when you're finished, not the other way around. As it's a timed event, if you wish you can stop, have a rest and continue, go have a cup of tea at the cafe or you can just stop!

We're not going to have a bell for the time being, so just tell one of us you're done when you're done!

Lap Counting

We'll lap count for you... so do make sure that either Rachel or Traviss (that's me writing) have acknowleged you coming around for a lap... it's too far to go without being counted!

Hand Sanitiser

We'll have a limited supply at base camp. Please do bring your own as to avoid cross contamination as we're really trying to limit the amount of interactions and handling of items...


If you're running both events in this series then please keep your number to use on Sunday and Elite Runners don't forget your Elite Numbers!

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Race Location

Betteshanger Country Park, A258, Deal, Kent CT14 0BF

Betteshanger information here

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Race Registration

We'll be there from 0915...


There is plenty of parking at Betteshanger. It's currently £3.50 a day which you pay when you leave - They use ANPR system and can even be paid the next day in case you forget. (Online payment here...)

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Getting There

No issues that we are aware of.


One of our longer term goals is the reduction of waste at events and to this end we've gone cupless. Please bring a bottle / cup / mug. We'll have jugs at the aid station for you to fill them (just Rachel will fill things up to minimise handling of things)

Aid Station

Unfortunately the Covid-19 situation means we're abandoning our usual aid station... The aid station will have some simple sealed supplies, basically assorted packets of crisps and assorted chocolate/cereal bars. We do suggest bringing your own supplies if you feel you need something specific as you can guarantee we'll give you the wrong flavour crisps and those awful little biscuit things you can't stand. Not to mention with the best will in the world you can't get sealed bags of 4 peanuts or 2 jelly babies!

We absolutely suggest bringing along cool boxes etc and any random supplies that you might need or fancy.

We're hoping the aid stations might be able to return in the summer, fingers crossed.


These open at 0815. They are located in/by the "cafe"/bike hire area.


Please, please, please don't! We're always on parole at this location and its a nature reserve. We'll have rubbish bags at the start/finish area and there are several on the course too.


Unfortunately due to permit conditions, and hence insurance coverage, we're no longer allowed to let runners run with dogs.

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