Two events, two routes, two medals, one weekend!

Saturday June 2nd - Viking Coastal Marathon

We're returning for the fifth year to the lovely coastline at Birchington-on-Sea. The route is an approximately 6.58 mile out and back that you'll complete four times on near dead flat tarmac and concrete, the total elevation gain is I calculate, or more correctly my Garmin calculates as 16 feet. In total, not per out and back! Very, very flat, quick course, zero navigation, very straightforward!

Sunday June 3rd - Dambusters Challenge

2018 marks the 75th Anniversary of the famous Dambusters raids during WW2. The coast line along the route was used to test prototypes of Barnes Wallis's bouncing bomb. This area was chosen for its seclusion, while the clear landmark of the church towers and the ease of recovering prototypes from the shallow water were probably also factors. Different, inert versions of the bomb were tested at Reculver, leading to the development of the operational version known as "Upkeep". This bomb was used by the RAF's 617 Squadron in Operation Chastise, otherwise known as the Dambuster raids, in which dams in the Ruhr district of Germany were attacked by formations of Lancaster bombers. Just in March a bit of one of the bouncing bombs was washed up on the beach here!

This route is slightly more adventurous than Saturday, it will feature a tiny bit of navigation (but you're never more than about 50 yards from the sea so can't get that lost no matter what!) and a couple of gentle hills. This will basically be two short loops of 3.82 miles along the sea wall towards Epple Bay and then two loops along the coastal path towards the ruins of St Mary's Church and the Roman Fort at Reculver, around it, and then climb a couple of hills to the turn around (we'll have a small aid station here) and then lovely views of the area as you come back again down the slope, past the ruins on the 9.28 mile loop you'll do twice. It'll still be a quick route, but not as quick as the Viking Coastal Marathon route.

This will be a challenge event to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the raid with special Dambusters bling of course! The event will have rather odd distances achieveable Basically be 3.85 miles, 7.65 miles, 16.9 miles, 26.2 miles (and an extra lap for a 35.45 mile ultra if you're quick!)

Having completed lots of marathons we believe we know what it takes to put on an enjoyable marathon for the fit, the dedicated and the hardcore long distance runners. And for those, like myself, who fit none of those categories, we'll do our best to get you round!

Come and join us for a bit of a run along the Kent Coast, we'll have a well stocked aid station, nice custom made medals and goody bags that actually contain goodies!

We put on events exactly the way we wish they were all run. Low key, friendly and with most of the entry fee being spent on the runners. Please explore the races and consider joining us in Kent for a long run or two.

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