SVN Social Distanced Events July 2020 onwards.

We're getting back to starting up events again after the Covid-19 shut down. We've got permission to hold some events on the basis that we strictly adhere to the current guidance on hygiene and social distancing, this does mean that events are going to be rather different than usual, but that's better than no events!

1) Events are going to be limited in the numbers of runners we're able to host. We've agreed with venues to restrict number to 33% or 50% of our usual capacity to aid with social distancing..

2) Each event is going to have flexible start times that we'll advertise for each event. Arrive at some point within the flexible start time and find Rachel, she'll sort you out. When you're ready to start then find Traviss lingering with the iPad of Doom and I'll start you off in ones and twos (maximum of six) as and when you're ready. This way you can start with your friends and we'll be able to split you up to a fair degree as with the best will in the world you guys can move quicker than I can find you on the iPad so that will create initial separation.

If you find on the course that you've merged in to a group of more than six, then please distance yourselves. Of course at all times adhere to social distancing and better to be running alongside people than using someone as a wind block!

3) We're not going to have any pre-run briefings, which means you need to read things like this!

4) When you arrive to register you'll be given your goody bag and the aid station will have some simple sealed supplies, basically assorted packets of crisps and assorted chocolate/cereal bars. We do suggest bringing your own supplies if you feel you need something specific as you can guarantee we'll give you the wrong flavour crisps and those awful little biscuit things you can't stand. Not to mention with the best will in the world you can't get sealed bags of 4 peanuts or 2 jelly babies!

5) There is going to be no communal drop bag area - please use your car for your supplies and bits .If you don't have a car then we'll have somewhere for you to leave your bags but please space them out and if you have a car - please use that. This will vary by location, where car parking isn't close to the route, we will have a larger than usual area to store things.

6) The aid station is basically going to be water and Rachel will pour water in to your drinks bottles/containers etc - there is going to be no communal drinks area, again, please use your car or if you don't have a vehicle then your bag. Don't forget to bring a drinks contain/cup/bottle as we've gone cupless years ago...

7) We're going to manually lap count, just make sure we acknowlege you and please just let us know when you're finished as there won't be a bell.

8) We're basically trying to minimise interactions and congregations of people. So please do all you can to facilitate this to keep us, you and everyone else safe.

9) Please limit supporters and spectators and if folks have to come along then please avoid as much as possible the start/finish area, base camp and any choke points on the route that there might be. Basically we're trying to minimise the amount of time folks are interacting with people. Remember is it now a legal requirement that groups are no larger than six. Please do not set up camp around the base camp area.

10) We have no insider information, we basically know what you know. If we receive any specific information about any upcoming event we'll let you know. We're hopeful from here on in they'll be good to go, on a socially distanced basis, with limited numbers... fingers crossed!

11) Effective immediately we're amending our Fair Runners Policy so that you can swap out of an event up to 24 hours before - please - if you're feeling rough, even the vaguest of symptoms, drop us an email, we'll give you a race credit to a future event. Up to 24 hours before the event.

12) Social distancing at all times please. No hugs, hand shakes, high fives etc

13) We're going to be saying "no" a lot more in the future, we just have to stick with the rules that we are given. These hopefully will change soon, but please try to bear with us whilst we try to make the best of a very difficult and unique situation.

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