Mythical Series - Cyclopark Summer Series 2024

In August 2024 we're going to have the very final SVN 10x10 series of events - each day will be a different theme Mythical theme, Ten days, ten medals that will make an impressive set of bling.

We are going to be using medals that have been used at previous SVN events in the past 4 or 5 years, as SVN approaches the end we are trying to run down some of our medal stocks. (One of us had a brainwave in early 2020 to order in years worth of medals ahead of time, and then...) and this will reflect in the pricing too so be a little less than usual and in addition we're going to make available some sets from previous series such as the Zodiac Series, Land of Hope and Glory Series and the AIME Series for folks that may have missed out on these, but these are all very limited.

There will be a finisher shirt too of course... which we'll order after the event is complete. The artwork for this is below! (If you choose an alternative series of medals you'll still get the Mythical Series shirt - the previous designs were one offs)

We're holding it over two weekends and ending on the the Bank Holiday Monday and in the summer school holidays so those who are limited on holiday can take as few days as possible off work.... it is also an option to either do the whole series as a virtual series, or if you can only make a number of the days, to do the remaining ones as virtual runs (just a minimum of 1 mile required to maintain the sequence) so for example it would be fine to run in person on the five weekend/bank holiday days and then run the five week day events virtually, possibly avoiding the need to take any holiday days.

We're going to use 2 routes for the 10 days

The individual days will be as follows :-

Saturday August 17th - Day One - Dark Iron - 3.28 Mile " Lightning Bolt" Route (parkrun option)
Sunday August 18th - Day Two - Vampire - 5.25 Mile "177 Route"
Monday August 19th - Day Three - Unicorn - 5.25 Mile "177 Route"
Tuesday August 20th - Day Four - Zombies - 5.25 Mile "177 Route"
Wednesday August 21st - Day Five - Gnome Roam - 3.28 Mile " Lightning Bolt" Route
Thursday August 22nd -Day Six - Werewolf - 3.28 Mile " Lightning Bolt" Route
Friday August 23rd - Day Seven - Dragon Run - 3.28 Mile "Lightning Bolt" Route
Saturday August 24th - Day Eight - Meerkat - 3.28 Mile "Lightning Bolt" Route (parkrun option)
Sunday August 25th - Day Nine - Orc Rampage - 5.25 Mile "177 Route"
Monday August 26th - Day Ten - Yeti Yomp - 5.25 Mile "177 Route"

There are three hotels within walking distance and a new Travelodge within crawling distance! So things should be as simple as possible, aside from the running of course, and that is up to you! Each day will be a six hour challenge event, what distance you run each day is totally up to you...

We're making these events a little lower cost than usual, again to try to make them accessible as possible. We're also trying to make them as logistically straightforward as possible for both the runners and SVN! we're not going to have goody bags for these events, but certainly the usual standard of SVN welcome, support and friendliness!

Please explore the races and consider joining us for one or all of them!

Course Information

This can be read on our Cyclopark location page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park? How do I get there?
Please refer to our Cyclopark information page.

Do I need to pay for parking?
Yes, it's currently £4.00 per day nomatter where you park in Cyclopark. If you are running for a number of days you can pay for a block of parking in advance to save you having to do that each day,

When do I get my race number?
You'll pick this up on race day morning from the race base camp. If you're taking part in more than one day then please keep your number to use on other days.

Are there time limits?
Yes, six hours to run as many laps as you can. You can finish at any time within the time limit and your final distance will be recorded along with your finishing time. Only complete laps within the 6 hours will be recorded or you must have left the aid station for your last lap by 5:59:59 after the start. Any runner completing 26.2 miles will have completed marathon distance and will count as a marathon finish for the purposes of the 100 Marathon Club, if you complete over 27 miles then you've completed an ultra.

As long as you finish one lap of a challenge event then you'll receive an official finish time, medal and goody bag. With timed events there are no DNFs as long as you complete one loop.

Do you have secure baggage facilities
No. We 100% suggest that people leave their belongings in their cars which will be parked just a few yards off the running line. If you don't have a vehicle then we'll have an area around base camp to leave a bag.

Trail shoes? Road Shoes?
Road shoes, its 95% or so on decent surfaces.

Is the course closed to the public?
No. We are using a network of local footpaths and trails and is shared with ramblers, dogwalkers, horseriders and cyclists. Runners do not have the right of way and need to be considerate of other users of the land. Please don't litter, we'll have a bin at the base camp and there are bins at various places along the routes.

Can I use an ipod or mp3 player on the course?
Yes. Though please be aware that you are running on public footpaths with the general public so make sure that you pay attention to farm vehicles, cyclists, people, dogs, horseriders, wildlife and so on. On a couple of the routes there are road crossings to be aware of too although there is no actual running along roads involved.

Location Information

Please visit our Cyclopark information page for general parking, directions and local area information about public transport, hotels etc.

General SVN FAQ

Can be read here

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