SVN Annoucement about the winding down of SVN in September 2024

Hi Folks,

An SVN update, or to be precise, an outline as to the winding down of SVN. As many of you will have noticed the number of events that SVN have put on over the last couple of years has been reduced and in 2023 and 2024 they're going to be reduced further to the point that September 2024 will feature the final SVN events.

The SVN homepage has the events that we're planning for 2024 and all our now live for entries.

Rachel and I have been mulling the end of SVN literally for years and there is no one factor why we're deciding to call it a day. We're not getting any younger, well I'm not, Rachel still passes for 40 and there are lots and lots of things that we want to be doing, none of which involve standing around in assorted car parks for days on end!

The good news is that Kim & Simon at Runbelievable are going to take over the three remaining SVN venues in Q4 2024 so there will still be plenty of events in Kent and they're also going to take over the running of Mega Marathoners and the achievements shirts like the 12in12/Triple Crown etc that we've introduced over the years.

We'd like to thank each and every one of you who've supported us over what will be 700 events over a 14-year period, we've enough cherished memories to last many lifetimes and we're not simply going to vanish off the map, you'll still see us at events, but running rather than organising!

We thought we'd give folks the heads up on this to give 15 months plus notice so that you can plan schedules, use up credits, make plans and so on and so forth!


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