COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

March 21st 2020 Yorkshire Cakeathon postponed until October 10th 2020.

March 22nd 2020 Yorkshire Cookiethon postponed until October 11th 2020.

March 28th 2020 Totally Nuts Nutty Run postponed until March 27th 2021

March 29th 2020 Crispathon postponed until March 28th 2021

April 10th 2020 Northampton Cakeathon postponed until November 21st 2020

April 11th 2020 Northampton Chocathon postponed until November 22nd 2020

April 18th 2020 Kent 50 postponed until April 17th 2021

April 23rd 2020 St Georges Day Marathon postponed until April 23rd 2021

April 24th 2020 Darnley Challenge postponed until May 29th 2021

April 25th 2020 Unicorn Challenge postponed until December 31st 2020

April 26th 2020 Reject Run postponed until April 25th 2021 (moved to Ranscombe)

May 2nd 2020 Spring Ranscombe postponed to April 24th 2021

May 3rd 2020 Random Ranscombe postponed until April 25th 2021 (merged with Reject Run)

May 8th 2020 VE Day Challenge postponed until May 8th 2021

May 9th 2020 Very British Challenge postponed until May 9th 2021

May 10th 2020 Relativity Run postponed until May 30th 2021

May 23rd 2020 Olympic Run postponed until May 1st 2021

May 24th 2020 Charity Challenge postponed until May 2nd 2021

May 25th 2020 Lucky Dip postponed until May 3rd 2021

May 30th Viking 100 postponed until May 22nd 2021

All other events at this stage we're not sure about, as soon as we have anything definite we'll...

(i) Update this page.
(ii) By email if you're entered in to the event affected.
(iii) On our FB Page and FB Group

Rest assured that any events that we have to postpone will be rearranged and entries rolled over to that new event date, if that doesn't work for folk then we'll allow transfers to other SVN events or hold race credits until they're able to be used.

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