Very British Challenge Saturday July 26th

Please note that we're going to change from "Wave Starts" of groups of six to individual time trial timings and we'll start people off as and when they're ready to go a minute or two apart.

You'll see below an "Arrival Time" at Betteshanger, if you can arrive at the location no earlier than this and please, please, please, please. please, please - don't be there before 0900 - the park physically doesn't open till 0900 and there is no safe place to queue. There is infinite parking there and you'll be able to park and set up 2 feet off the running line no matter when you arrive.

It's absolutely no problem to start later as now you're all timed individually! You'll get 7 hours from when you start (up till 1030, the park closes at 1730)

So turn up.... go grab your goodies/number from Rachel... sort yourself out and when you're ready to set off, come back to the table and we'll set you off. If you're running with someone that's fine, just a maximum of six at any one time can run together.

, (If you want to still run at the time you originally signed up for that's absolutely fine too)

Runner Arrival Time
Robert Cameron-Wood 915
Tracy Fox 915
Graeme Heritage 915
Ian Collier 915
Janet Gethin 915
Justine Flett 915
Rob McGregor 915
Henna Warner 915
David Rogers 915
Debbie Harris 915
Helen Johnson 915
Lea Burnett 915
Lee Alcorn 915
Linda Robson 915
Bernadette Schlueter 915
Leah Piper 930
Paul Piper 930
James Gammage 930
Jo Lynch 930
Ryan Dargan 930
Steve Bullows 930
Craig Lovelock 930
David Kingsland 930
Neil Myland Osman 930
Paul Hammond 930
Shane Bradford 930
Tony Stevenson 930
Tom Wilson 930
Chris Beard 945
Kerry Shevlan 945
Janice Anderson 945
Elizabeth Rayner 945
Helen Graham 945
James Graham 945
Richard Dyson 945
Andrew Stalley 945
Douglas MacTaggart 945
James MacTaggart 945
Carol Mac Taggart 945
Krishna Phipps 945
Ruth Kember 945




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